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Project Aiur token sale!

On July 11th we opened up our public pre-sale to university-affiliated researchers and students across the world. If you are one, you are a core target user of Aiur. Follow the link below to secure your spot in this initial token sale with the highest available discounts!

If you are not a university-affiliated researcher or student, but still would like to participate in the Project Aiur token sale, sign up for updates about the public sale – or contact anita (at) iris.ai for private sale opportunities.



Discount 20%

Discount will drop every two weeks. Learn more.

Key messages



We target the ETH equivalent of €10M with a minimum for completion of 60% and a hard cap of 500%. If the minimum is not reached, all ETH will be returned to the original holders.



75% of the amount raised will belong to the community, and will be released subject to development milestones – to anyone who achieves them, subject to community scrutiny. The remaining 25% will be allocated to Iris.ai for the planning and initial execution of the project.



No token buyers from China, Iran, Singapore, South Korea or United States. Australia and Canada under evaluation.
No one entity holding more than 2% of the total pool
Investments over a certain threshold require identity checks

Far from an instrument suited to short-term financial speculation, AIUR tokens are designed for natural holders, who believe in the value-added that Aiur will bring either to them directly or to other third-party use-cases.

Token sale details

Token sale

Jun 21
Private Sale Opens
Jul 11
Pre-Sale Opens
30% Discount
Jul 24
Pre-Sale phase 2
25% Discount
Aug 7
Pre-Sale phase 3
23% Discount
Aug 21
Pre-Sale phase 4
20% Discount
Private Sale and Pre-Sale End
Public Sale Opens
15% Discount
Phase 2 Starts
10% Discount
Phase 3 Starts
5% Discount
Phase 4 Starts
No Discount
Token Sale End

Token supply

Total AIUR token supply will be variable. The total number of tokens post sale will be the result of adding:

  • The tokens sold to raise the ETH equivalent of EUR 6,000,000 (minimum floor) to EUR 50,000,000 (hard cap), factoring in discounts;
  • The tokens issued through promotional airdrop and/or bounty campaigns;
  • The tokens minted to fund the Institution’s AIUR reserves;
  • An amount of tokens issued to Iris.ai to guarantee Phase 1 governance stability (i.e. 50% plus one of the votes).

Going forward, token supply will increase following transparent, well-defined rules enabled by one or more smart contracts.

Accepted currencies

Working on it.

Funding allocation

Funding amount
Iris.ai services
25% of the funds raised will be paid to Iris.ai to cover pre token sale costs incurred and Phase 1 project management expenses.
Institution reserves
15% of the funds raised will be held as reserves by the governing Institution to address potential AIUR token demand and supply imbalances.
Community escrow
60% of the funds raised will be placed in escrow to reward community-approved future project development roadmap contributions.
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