The first phase of the Aiur Airdrop is a wrap!

Thank you to all who participated and welcome to the community. 🙂

To build Project Aiur we at decided to distribute free tokens to researchers and students through the Aiur Airdrop campaign simply because we wanted to reward the individuals for the work they’ve already done and because we believe that a strong community of supporters and contributors is key to fixing the challenges of the current scientific system.

The campaign exceeded all our expectations. In the past week, 10,000 Aiur tokens were claimed by researchers and students all over the world. Given the high demand we’ve decided to launch the Aiur Airdrop Vol. 2 towards the end of the month. It’s a shout-out to researchers, students and anyone who connects with the project and wants to contribute. Tokens will be distributed upon completion of simple tasks to be outlined on the Aiur Airdrop website.

If you missed the first opportunity, make sure you’re among the first ones to be notified about the second one through our newsletter! We’ll ping you once we’re all set.