Science should be validated
Take the pledge to be an advocate for validated, reproducible, open-access scientific research.

The ecosystem of scientific publishing that we all rely on isn’t working as it should. Publishers generate profit by locking away vital results behind steep paywalls, going after those who breach them with deadly force. Research professionals are pressured to deliver, publish and review on tight deadlines, creating perverse incentives to exaggerate facts and omit assumptions and constraints. With little to no reward for authors and reviewers, and with the peer-review process hidden behind closed doors, reproducibility is disastrously low.

A radical change is needed. Science can be better; we need science to better. But the only way to change this is if we – researchers and scientists, librarians, scientific societies, R&D departments, universities, students, and innovators – all come together to bring about change.

We need your help. And your peers need yours. Sign the pledge today and commit to:

  • Make every effort to make your research openly available to the public.
  • Stand up to the dominant scientific publishing houses that extort the scientific community
  • Educate others and spread the message that science needs to be better
You did it! Thank you for the push towards open, reproducible and validated science.
Through the Aiur pledge, signed by thousands of science enthusiasts in 24 hours, we will make our every effort to communicate the change that is needed in the current academic publishing system.
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