Aiur #MyLifeForScience grant 2018

Win a €100,000 grant to debunk your field’s most annoying misconception!

We’ve all heard them before. Geneticists are making mutant vegetables. Marine biologists just want to work at Sea World. Scientists are being paid big bucks to manipulate results for big corporations. Vaccines cause autism. Coffee cures cancer.

In a world of scientific click-bait and very little direct vision into the real lives of scientists, frustrating misconceptions pop up all the time. And it drives us crazy!

Here is your chance to debunk one of your fields most mind-blowing misconceptions, and earn the chance to produce and distribute a polished final communication campaign with and their partners.


€ 100,000

The winner of the grant gets the ETH equivalent of €25,000 for personal use and a shared project budget with the team of another €75,000 for the production and distribution of the campaign. In addition, the top 10 finalists will each receive €500 worth of AIUR tokens. 


We are currently not accepting applications.

Due to the postponing of the token sale of Project Aiur, the Grant competition is also postponed until further notice. For questions, please contact


Impact, research base and execution

All proposals will be evaluated on a) their impact ambition: how relevant and important the project is to the world b) their research excellence: the fact-based backing of the proposal and its goals and c) execution capabilities: clearly laid out plan and researcher credentials.

Submission details

Written proposal


The core of your proposal is a document of no more than one page describing a) what problem and misconception you wish to address b) why it’s important to the world and c) how you would go about a project of communicating the truth.



Record a video of yourself explaining the problem and why you are so passionate about this truth being understood by more people.

Supporting material


YouTube videos spreading misconceptions or clarifications, memes or comics exemplifying the issues you address, relevant research papers, news articles – anything to clarify the problem and support the solution.

Judging process

Round one

All submissions will be reviewed by the and Project Aiur team and scored on 1) impact 2) face base and 3) execution. This counts 75% of the score.

All videos will be shared on and on the project’s social media outlets. All likes and reshares counts as votes, and a comparison of these result counts as the final 25% of your score.


After 20 days the 10 finalists will be announced, which will all receive the equivalent of €500 in AIUR tokens.

The winner will be decided with an open vote, where all members of the Aiur community are eligible to vote on their favorite of the 10 finalists.


  • The awarding of this grant and announcement of a winner is pending the successful execution of the Token Generation event of Project Aiur.  
  • Teamwork is allowed, but prizes will be awarded to a designated team leader to be distributed among other team members.
  • Project proposals should not exceed 1 page (excluding references), and videos should not exceed 2 minutes in length.
  • All videos must be in English or include English subtitles.
  • Video content must be appropriate for all ages. Videos containing foul language, violence, or otherwise offensive material will be disqualified.
  • Videos must be uploaded as part of the submission. All videos will be posted on the website for public viewing.
  • The debunking of your misconception must be based on factual evidence or existing science. Pure opinions are not eligible for this particular grant. The original sources for any claims in your proposal should be presented in the written proposal or as supporting material.
  • No copyrighted materials (music, images, etc.) may be used for this contest unless you own the copyright or have a license to use the material for this contest, with the exception of supporting material where the copyright holder must be clearly stated on the submitted material. 
  • Content must comply with all local and national laws of the country of origin and the European Union. Content must not
    1) promote illegal behavior;
    2) support racial, religious, sexual or other invidious prejudice;
    3) advocate sexual or violent exploitation;
    4) violate rights established by law or agreement;
    5) invade the privacy of any person; or
    6) be otherwise inappropriate as determined by Population Connection in its sole and conclusive determination.
  • Personal contact with the Project Aiur advisory board or team is prohibited during the judging period. All contest inquiries should be directed to
  • “Fake,” paid or otherwise inorganic generation of social media votes will result in disqualification.
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